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product feature

Premium Trokar Jigs All jigs are hand-tied with premium thread to hold the skirt in place. They are outfitted with a rattle system that feature 2 rattles dangling from each side.


Product feature

Ice Stingers Our Ice Stingers are 1.5 inches in total length when cut from the mold. The molding is left with the Stingers so that you can cut them to whatever length you like. This soft plastic generates the action required to entice finicky fish to bite.


Upcoming events

  • 04/27/13Mississippi River Pool 7,8,9
  • 05/11/13Mississippi River Pool 3,4,5
  • 06/01/13St. Croix River
  • 07/13/13Mystery Lake
  • 08/10/13N/S Center Lake
  • 09/07/13Waconia Lake


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